The short list.

I’ve been living in England for two weeks, and the following are the three things that have most delighted me so far:

1) The British are particular enough to give a minute-long discourse on how to properly pronounce and spell their names, complete with an explanation of why other spellings and pronunciations are deficient.

2) Eating is not prohibited on the bus, but patrons are politely reminded, “Let’s not eat smelly food.”

3) There is a wide variety of honorifics available to Britons– I was permitted recently to declare myself the Duchess on my supermarket points-earning card.


2 Responses to “The short list.”

  1. Qtym Says:

    Of what does the supermarket now consider you the duchess? Was duke an option?

  2. julivera Says:

    Well, I don’t quite know… of loyalty points, I suppose. And yes, I was also offered Duke, Earl, Viscount, Baron, and all the corresponding titles for women. King and Queen, however, are NOT an option.

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