The British Countryside

On Saturday we wanted to take a good, long walk. But we had grown tired of city life, so we decided to take our walk to the country. After a late start and a leisurely breakfast, we took a stroll to the bookstore and bought a book on country walks outside London. An hour later, we were on a train to Boxhill & Westhumble. The five-hour walk that ensued was one of the most delightful that we can remember. Our little book guided us over stone steps across a river, up a staired slope with views of the valley below, alongside a vineyard, through forestry, inside a church, through gates and under bridges, along country roads, and finally, to a little town where we were to catch our return train to London. It’s amazing that an area so beautiful and varied could be so accessible by regional rail!

Under a railway bridge

The view over Dorking (no, I didn't make up the name).

St. Michaels Church through the drinking glass

St. Michael's Church through the drinking glass


One Response to “The British Countryside”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    I’m glad you are going on lots of country walks!

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