Musn’t there be some order to things?!?

For a group of people who seem to be so particular, the British are remarkably open as to the issue of how to properly divide a phone number in writing or orally. Whereas in the United States, the format is unquestionably 012 345 6789, Britons divide their numbers in no fewer than five distinct ways:

012 3456 7890

0123 456 7890

01234 567890

01234 567 890

012 34 56 78 90

Then, of course, you are also permitted to spew out your number all in one breath: “You can ring me at 01234567890, thankssomuch, bye!”


6 Responses to “Musn’t there be some order to things?!?”

  1. Jerimee Says:

    learn something new every day

  2. Larry Best Says:

    Dear Julie,
    I guess this is why I have never sucessfully made a phone call to GB.
    Your blog is great. I hope you keep being inspired to keep it going.

  3. deeb Says:

    Juli, Juli! Can I link your blog to mine? Love the mews!

  4. julivera Says:

    Of course! I’ll do so as well, if you let me know how one does that… also, any idea how to make my photos not come out wonky when I put more than one up on one post?

  5. Bethany Says:

    Spanish phone numbers are worse, and Mexican phone numbers are even worse than that, as apparently in Mexico it’s permitted to only use the last digit of your area code, making your phone number 23 45 67 89 when it’s really 012-345-6789. In fact, it is apparently okay to omit the first two digits of the area code *even when giving one’s phone number to someone in not only another area code, but also another country*.

    I routinely standardize British and Mexican phone numbers when giving them out.

    And British address formats drive me mad, but what drives me madder is that British people are incapable of writing an American address correctly. No matter how often we tell people that “Albuquerque, NM” has to be on one line, our mail routinely comes to “Albuquerque / NM 87 112” (note space).

  6. mari Says:

    I always wrote them the last way but wasn’t sure if that was exactly right. So good to know anything goes.

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