Speaking vegetable

Before I arrived here, several people warned me that I would find aubergines in the supermarket instead of eggplant. (Not being a big eggplant fan, I didn’t pay much attention anyway.) But I didn’t know that the zucchinis would instead be known as courgettes, or that if you’re looking for raisins, you must ask for sultanas.

This last one came to us over breakfast several weeks ago, as we examined our granola label.

“I wonder what sultanas are…”

“Yeah, I don’t know… also, it’s weird that with all the raisins in this granola, there’s no mention of them on the package!”



3 Responses to “Speaking vegetable”

  1. deeb Says:

    What about Rocket? Made any salads yet?

  2. julivera Says:

    You know, I have seen things talking about rocket, now that you mention it… what is it, a kind of lettuce?

  3. Max Barnhart Says:

    Yes, Rocket is used like lettuce. Kinda like how baby swiss chard is used in salad. Rocket may actually be arugula, but if not it is awfully close.

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