Inside and out? Hmmm…

A little comic relief for those of us with our minds in the gutter; courtesy of a friend who came to visit last month (by the way, happy birthday, friend!).


One Response to “Inside and out? Hmmm…”

  1. AJ Burke Says:

    Hi Juli!!! I just read all your blog entries so far. I’m sooo jealous! Luckily Portland has a great library system and can get me all the UK tv & movies I can think of, so I am living in the UK vicariously through the Pallisers, the Forsytes, the Buckets (pronounced ‘Bouquet’), the Irish RM, the Upstairs Downstairs folks, the Elliot sisters, etc. Hmm, good thing my mom doesn’t read your blog [I hope, although she’d love it so if Della’s given her the address, she might], since I’m supposed to be in law school. I could ace a class in britcoms – perhaps I should go to film school. 😉 Love ya!
    P.S. Cute kitty in the mews – should have taken it home. 😉

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