In case you couldn’t tell…

An irritating tendency of announcements in London is depicted in the photo above. I have the following complaints about this trend:

1) Is it really necessary for a notice to include a definitition of what it is? Does a rectangular board with typed writing of an informative nature not make its identity as a “notice” clear? Perhaps alongside the “polite notice” in every bathroom in town reminding me not to flush tampons, I should also start seeing the words “mirror,” “sink,” and “hand dryer” on these respective items, lest the not-so-astute among us should try to wash our hands where we should be drying them?

2) Okay, fair enough– you’d like to make it clear that this piece of literature is, in fact, a notice, and not a love letter or a blog entry or a spot of graffiti. All right then. But is it necessary to passive-agressively insist that this notice is polite? Does it not suffice to simply make it polite? Because much in the style of everyone’s favorite “No offense, but…”, a notice that insists upon its politeness manages to come off as anything but.


One Response to “In case you couldn’t tell…”

  1. Randallito Says:

    I was at the Mass MOCA a couple of weeks ago and the men’s room sink had a polite notice that you will like.

    Russell, this is not a urinal

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