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You win some, you lose some

December 20, 2008

On Thursday, the private hospital I work for threw the employees a lavish Christmas lunch. It started out with a sushi appetizer, finished with a dessert of profiteroles (apparently these are the equivalent of the US cream puff, but this chocolate-and-cream-and-strawberry mixture was not your average puff), and was complemented by two full glasses of red wine. Wine! At lunch! At work! And this only six days after I had been treated to a Christmas party with dinner, dancing and seemingly endless glasses of champagne.

As I tottered back downstairs to work I thought, “So this is what I’ve been missing all along while I’ve been working for the government and non-profits!”

Two hours later, I got canned. With the company losing profits, they decided to lay off all their agency employees. So that’s also what I had been missing in the private sector!

(PS– Don’t be too concerned; mediocre secretarial jobs are a dime a dozen around here.)