Monday is Snowday

Since I got to London, it’s been all about breaking records– the month I arrived was the wettest August in a century, and then the first October snow since 1934. Today London was nearly paralyzed by a massive snowstorm– four full inches! I know that doesn’t seem like much, but apparently it was the biggest snowfall in 18 years. Mayor Boris Johnson demonstrated his typically firm grasp on the situation, going on the radio to urge commuters to try their best to get to work if at all possible, five minutes after transport officials asked that everyone other than emergency personnel please stay home. We walked to Hyde Park to take part in the festivities.

Our creepy snowman

Our creepy snowman


One Response to “Monday is Snowday”

  1. ben Says:

    Juli. Yesterday I tried to submit a merry comment but I think it didn’t go through. So below is my recollection of said comment.

    Juli! Thank you for calling me to advise me of your updated blog. It is quite lovely. Your pull-no-punches reporting is the reason I’m making your blog my number one news source.

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